(electric pumps, anti-water hammer and water heaters)


HYDRO-PRO is of compact design together with a seamless diaphragm that never stretches or creases. There are no bubbles or corners to trap sediment helping to inhibit bacterial growth; HYDRO-PRO has international approvals allowing its use with potable water.

Technical Information

capacity: from 2-600 litres

  • Protected precharge valve.
  • Durable steel tank – Deep drawn steel shell for extra strength.
  • MIG welding process eliminates interior rough spots and sharp edges and prevents damage to both diaphragm and liner.
  • Pre-pressurised air chamber.
  • Butyl diaphragm isolates water from air.
  • Exclusive internal epoxy coating: no corrosion.
  • External epoxy-polyester coating: no rusting.
  • Mild steel connection

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